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Human Empowered is a place to explore and choose your own adventure on your personal development journey. Whether you're beginning or continuing your path to inner growth, you can find an option here that fits your needs. All that is required is a commitment to yourself and a willingness to grow.

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Who is this for?

My Clients have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. They are all seeking their truth, purpose, and power. Realizing
 our fullest potential requires self-awareness and liberating ourselves from our cultural conditioning when it hinders us. We do that by actively learning who are and unlearning who we are not!

Ready to grow?

Choose from these Growth Paths:


Intimate, immersive, and insightful sessions designed to propel growth

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6-week self-mastery program to improve positive mindset and reduce stress


Resources to support growth at your own pace--like a solo adventure!

Who provides the support?

Hi! I am Dr. Margie Serrato (pictured above)--your guide, companion, and sister on your growth journey. I am excited that you landed here. It means that you are ready for an adventure with yourself. You are ready to learn and live your life's purpose and claim your power! Trust me on this: that kind of adventure, while scary, is never regrettable. You are in the right place in this moment. 

Want to know a bit about me, my credentials, and how I coach?

Want to talk and see how I can support you?

What clients say:

"Margie's approach to coaching provided immediate benefits. Since coaching with her, I now have a better understanding of how I think and what my default reactions are and how to challenge them. This has given me the self-awareness to make purposeful decisions in life. She is a phenomenal listener and great at guiding me while maintaining a supportive and positive environment. Margie is an excellent coach who I highly recommend!"
~ Lauren S.
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