the process of becoming knowledgeable, confident, and able to direct one's life;

professional support that enables people to overcome their sense of powerlessness;


resource-oriented interventions to empower others.

How will being here empower you?

Human Empowered is a place to explore and "choose your own adventure" on your inner growth journey. Whether you are beginning or continuing your path to personal development, you can find an option here that fits your needs.

Currently, there are three main options offered. Each option depends on your level of commitment to the immersive nature of digging deeply into yourself and the kind of support that you are currently seeking. 

Three Pathways to Empowerment


A self-directed, self-paced approach with a continuously growing library of resources to fit to your individual needs--with added support, if you choose.

Positive Intelligence Training

A structured and coaching-supported 6-week program that helps boost your self-command and self-mastery through insights and habit-building. 

Individual Coaching

The most immersive option for personal growth, in which you will work hand in hand with a trained, certified, and internationally recognized professional coach who unquestionably believes that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

"Growth is a daily choice to extend beyond the boundaries of our existing limitations."

Margie Serrato, PhD.