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Positive Intelligence, aka. "mental fitness", refers to healthy emotional and mental states that positively contribute to our overall wellness. Quite simply, mental fitness is the ability to respond to life's stresses and challenges in a conscious and positive way, instead of in a reactionary and negative way. It's the difference between responding from the survival part of the brain--our saboteurs--or the thriving part--our inner sage

Improving our mental fitness begins with cultivating awareness of how we think, feel, and behave. But, to strengthen mental fitness, we must also develop new habits for self-command, interrupt default patterns, and tune into our sage powers. How can we do that? Through a guided mental fitness program!


Think of the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program like an exercise program for your mind. It even comes with a certified Coach--Dr. Margie!--to support your training and eventual mastery. It's a 6-week "reboot" of your mental operating system, where you learn to reprogram what hinders you and program what helps you.



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The PQ Program is a breakthrough, research-based tool that strengthens the part of your brain that serves you and quiets the part that sabotages you. This Stanford-based research has foundations in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral science, positive psychology, and performance science, and has been validated by over 500,000 participants from over 50 countries. 

The 6-week PQ Program is delivered via a revolutionary app that provides personalized daily practices, resulting in powerful new habits for a positive mind. It helps you to handle life’s challenges with less stress and a more positive mindset. What's not to love about that?!


The applications of the PQ Program are limitless. Self-command and self-mastery allow us to operate intentionally in every interaction and opportunity, aid us in overcoming challenges and pursuing our goals, motivate us to maximize our potential, and help us to cultivate meaningful relationships in all areas of our lives--all while reducing stress and increasing happiness. 

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