The mission of Human Empowered is simple--to offer resources, support, and coaching to anyone who is seeking to dive into their inner growth. Human Empowered was founded by Dr. Margie Serrato in 2018, with the clear intention to awaken others to their individual POWER. Welcome to your journey in becoming a more powerful you.


Dr. Margie Serrato is a certified and internationally recognized professional coach who merges 20+ years of expertise on human cultures and psychology with her ongoing immersion into personal development. Her work as an anthropologist has been amply funded by multiple National Science Foundation awards and published in myriad journals and books. She is also a public speaker and thought leader on the subjects of inner growth, healing, wellness, and empowerment. 


Margie pursued a career in anthropology as a means to understand cultural conditioning and its impact on individuals. As a coach, she uses that macro-level understanding to bring awareness to Clients about societal expectations, their role in our limiting beliefs, and their impact on our path to self-actualization.