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the active process of becoming knowledgeable, self-aware, confident, and able to trust oneself and to direct one's life; to promote self-actualization or influence

The MISSION at Human Empowered is simple: to offer coaching, support, and resources to growth-minded humans seeking to expand through personal development. Human Empowered was founded by Dr. Margie Serrato with the clear intention to awaken others to their PURPOSE and POWER.

I am firmly rooted in consciously creating the life that I desire. As such, I choose to impact our world in a positive way. That is why I employ a conscious marketing approach in the company--it aligns with my values of integrity, ethics, transparency, trust, equity, and TRUTH. I have pledged a commitment to be responsible in my business and marketing practices, as part of The Ethical Move.

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Hi! Hola! 안녕하세요!

I am a first generation American, born in New York City. I am of mixed ethnic heritage and Colombian descent. I am also the oldest in my generation, and a first generation college student. Being "the first" was both a challenge and an opportunity. I developed resilience, resourcefulness, and learned to advocate strongly for myself, while also feeling like I didn't belong anywhere. Unknowingly, I also honed important parts of my being: expansiveness, self-expression, and self-trust.


As a kid, my mom would often say: "you can achieve anything you set your mind to." And I believe this to my core. I understood that I had limitless potential, so I transcended boundaries in ways that I am only now fully aware of. I use that awareness about mindset, in addition to a plethora of knowledge, skills, and tools, to consciously create the life that I want for myself. That is also how I support my Clients in waking up to their own purpose and power, and to consciously create the lives that they desire.


Dr. Margie


I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at the University of Central Florida. Later, I earned a PhD in Anthropology at Texas A&M University, with research amply funded by the National Science Foundation. My goal in my academic endeavors was to understand the role of cultural conditioning and its impact on individual and collective beliefs, especially pertaining to gender and sexuality and to ethnic diversity. I conducted research in many countries and contexts, and taught over 2500 students about cultural awareness. And while I love the field of anthropology and my role as an educator, a career in academia was not my path. This is when I started seeking my greater purpose and immersing myself in my inner growth. 


Upon learning about the field of professional coaching in 2019, I immediately and unequivocally knew that this was aligned with my purpose! With this conviction, I enrolled in a rigorous  training program through the Co-Active Training Institute. I earned the designation of Certified Professional Coach, requiring over 200 hours of learning and practice and over 100 hours of client coaching. I later earned recognition as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), successfully passing knowledge and performance assessments on coaching skills, core competencies, and the ICF's Code of Ethics. I also became a Pioneer Coach with Positive Intelligence, and facilitate their 6-week mental fitness program. Since the coaching industry is currently unregulated, it is important for me to be trained with reputable organizations that are committed to ethics, as I am.

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I combine an extensive 25+ years of expertise in human cultures and psychology with ongoing immersion in the field personal development and coaching. I use this comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, as well as my own personal experiences and growth, to bring awareness to Clients about external expectations, the role of socially learned and reinforced beliefs, and the impact on our path to self-actualization. Everything in my life has prepared me to guide and support others in their journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.


My coaching philosophy is to simply use what is most helpful to the Client during our work together. I do not subscribe to any singular theory, modality, tool, or assessment. Each of us is a complex, multidimensional being, and no one method will apply to all. As such, I tailor my approach to my Clients' individual needs. 

Regardless of your next step, trust yourself to take it. That's what the purpose of coaching is all about! To know yourself, grow yourself, free yourself, heal, and thrive. I hope that you choose to have your next adventure of personal growth with me by your side.

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