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Coaching is "a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Client to maximize their potential in any and all areas of their life." It is a unique and immersive personal growth experience unlike any other. It requires honesty with ourselves, transparency, vulnerability, a willingness to be led inward by a caring companion who sees the greatness within us, the courage to try new approaches, and—above all—an open mind. It is an insightfully and intuitively guided process of self-development.

For coaching to be effective, you must to be ready to grow and outgrow what does not serve you or the future that you are seeking for yourself. Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes! Designing the life that you desire and developing a plan to achieve your growth and goals requires that you learn and embody new ways of being. You are in the process of shedding old skin to become renewed--or entirely anew. 

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How is a Coaching engagement structured?

Each new coaching engagement begins with a two-hour Foundation Session, in which we dig deeper into what is important to you. It is intended for you to calibrate your inner compass—the one that guides you from your present into navigating your future. It is an imperative part of building self-awareness to know yourself deeply and unquestionably.


The remaining coaching sessions become contexts in which to explore and grow who you are becoming in a safe, judgment-free space, and completely in tune with what is important to you. We incorporate the learnings from the Foundation Session to ensure that your path forward is for YOU--free/er from self-judgment, social expectations, cultural conditioning, and anything else that is getting in the way of creating the life you desire. 

How long are these coaching engagements? 

The coaching engagements are flexible and will be jointly designed in cycles--either 3, 6, or 12 months in length. The insights and strategies that you gain in the first cycle will equip you to consciously implement and practice them, independent from coaching. In this time, you can feel and see how much you have grown—and celebrate your efforts in a completion session—before moving on to other goals in another cycle. You can continue coaching  for as many cycles as you want. The goal is to empower you FOR LIFE!

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