Coaching is Powerful. And So Are YOU.

A few years ago, I had briefly lamented to a colleague that I spent a lot of time and energy helping others to overcome struggles in relationships, career, parenting, healing, fitness, and confidence. I commented, half-jokingly, that I was so gifted at it that I would like to get paid for it. His response was: "you know that's called coaching, right?"

Stunned that such a profession existed, I read everything that I could about it to be fully informed. It felt like a perfect fit. In fact, it felt like it was part of my greater calling. After all, in one way or another, I have always helped others to THRIVE.

I did not overthink this path, which is extremely rare for me as a hyper-rational and calculating person--it was truly a "no-brainer". A deep inner wisdom propelled me to pursue coaching training and certification almost without question. And it was the right move. It was the natural next step in my personal journey of expansion. Not only was it deeply gratifying, as someone who places high value on empowering herself through personal development and growth, but it was also easy to see how I could empower others with this newfound skill. Coaching helped me to remember important truths about myself that I had long forgotten, and it helped me to reclaim my power in a way that I had not yet known.

You see... coaching is not only about bringing greater awareness into our lives. It's also about envisioning where we want to be, and take purposeful steps to get there. It's like an action plan towards your future self--not the one you accept out of self-doubt or avoidance or comfort, but the one that you were born to BE.

And, you know what I learned along the way? Coaching is powerful. More than that, I am a powerful coach. And I want to guide my clients to become their innately powerful selves. That means YOU. If you're here, reading this post, it is because you were meant to receive this message. You deserve far greater than you have allowed yourself to believe. Let's discover the greatness within you, shall we? You have nothing to lose--and so much to gain!

Photo of a pensive woman with dark curly hair and dark skin, wearing dark eyeglasses and a white sweater. The words "Empowering the world through coaching" positioned at the left of the image, with the logo of the International Coaching Federation below the statement.

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