This is an exciting new service coming in April 2022!

This service is best if you are interested in starting your personal growth journey, but are apprehensive about other options that require a greater time or financial commitment. Think of this as a low-risk and flexible plan. This option provides you access to resources and a growth-oriented community, with the ability to add on further support whenever you are ready for it.

What do the different membership levels include?


This option is best if you want a self-directed, self-paced approach to your personal growth. Think of this as a digital "self empowerment" library, with resources like self-assessments, journaling prompts, values worksheets, book recommendations, practical mindfulness practices, videos on myriad topics, and the like. This membership also includes a community portal, where growth-minded people can ask questions and provide support on personal development. 



If you are interested in added support, this option also includes access to a monthly virtual group coaching session. These sessions will be tailored to the group participants.



In addition to the monthly virtual group coaching session offered in the Standard membership, you will also have two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions. Think of these two sessions are opportunities to dig into the self-directed work OR as a "lifeline" when you want the support of an unbiased (yet caring!) companion. These two sessions must be used before your annual subscription ends.